Death in the Police Canteen

Just after retiring, Renz Fox can't resist interfering with the investigation of his colleague's murder. Despite promising to spend quality time shopping and visiting galleries with his lovely wife, in addition to his ex-boss's discouragement, he barrels into the case. In order to find out more, Renz talks with the police officers he used to work with. And, of course, he offers his condolences to his late colleague's girlfriend. He learns from her that the victim was having an affair with a fellow officer.

Death in the Police Canteen

Auteur: Benn Flore

Verschijningsdatum: 01/11/2016

Uitvoering: E-Book (Download)

Taal: Nederlands

ISBN: 9789491599248

Adviesprijs: 3,79 € 3.79 EUR

3,79 €

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