Statistics in steps

The methodology described in Statistics in Steps makes statistics comprehensible for students and lecturers. This textbook gives a clear and concise explanation of how certain statistical techniques work and what they are used for, illustrated by real-life examples. The book focuses on how statistical techniques are used, not on the formulas behind them (although they are treated in the book as well). Thus enabling students to use statistics as a useful tool to process quantitative data. To support the learning process, several aids are used, like learning objectives, checkpoints and assignments. The answers to the assignments and the checkpoints are available on the accompanying website Statistics in Steps is intended for higher education students, but it is also the perfect reference book for professionals that process quantitative research data. Nel Verhoeven is an independent senior research consultant. She advises and supervises fundamental and applied research projects. She also gives lectures and holds workshops and courses. She is the author of several successful teaching methods in the field of methodology.

Statistics in steps

Auteur: Nel Verhoeven



Uitvoering: E-Book (Download)

Taal: Nederlands

ISBN: 9789024434527

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39,95 €

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