Louis Vuitton Travel Book - Saint Petersburg - Kelly Beeman

The Louis Vuitton Travel Book collection is an invitation to real and virtual voyages. In its pages, the illustrations of renowned artists and promising young talents tell the stories of the cities and countries they have visited, depicting each place’s varied architecture and special light, and recording the passing days and the lives of its people. The Travel Book offers a new, contemporary vision of travel, taking in both remote wildernesses and cities that never sleep. Each artist explores a country previously unknown to them in a medium of their choosing. The creative worlds on show are highly diverse: drawing, painting, collage, contemporary art, illustration, cartoons or manga. In this volume, American artist Kelly Beeman, known for her fashion illustrations and editorials for the likes of Vogue, Marie Claire and Numéro, evokes Saint Petersburg in her characteristic style: clean black lines, fields of color, flat perspectives and forms simplified to the extreme, with only a few finely wrought details, such as the pattern of a fabric, here and there. Detailed Features 11 x 7.5 inches Trilingual edition (French, English and Russian) Six-color printing, silkscreen and cloth binding Bookmark 160 pages, 100-120 exclusive drawings Artist's biography and travelogue

Louis Vuitton Travel Book - Saint Petersburg - Kelly Beeman



Uitvoering: Hardback

Taal: Nederlands

ISBN: 9782369832072

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45,00 €

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